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My name is Adam Maywald - YOUR Paid Traffic Architect!



Adam Maywald: Paid Traffic ArchitectAre you tired of wasting time trying to figure out paid traffic?


Do you want to stop pouring hours into learning paid traffic like Facebook, Google Display Network, and Outbrain?


Or maybe you already know how to use paid traffic, but want to someone to do it for you so you can GROW your business...instead of running it?


Wouldn't your rather hand-off the responsability to drive paid traffic through your sales funnel to generate more subscribers, leads and sales?!

10 Years Worth of Experience!

I've been performing paid traffic and internet marketing for ourselves and clients for over 10 years.


Fortune 1000 companies I've worked on include:,, &


In those 10 years, I have learned one crucial thing: If you can't pay for online traffic, you don't have a scalable business.


My mission is to help you with paid traffic, optimizing your sales funnel and put together a winning email drip marketing campaign to maximize the traffic we generate!

Paid Traffic + Email + Retargeting

I have a 3-pronged approach of: Paid Traffic + Email + Retargeting. With each step of this approach, I increase conversions through your sales funnel.


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Now that I've talked just a little bit about what we do, who we are and how we do it, let's make sure you're a right fit for our services.


I don't want to waste anymore of your time, nor do I want to waste any of my time, if we're not a good match for each other at this current moment.

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